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Because of God’s great love for all and the emphasis we see in the Bible on caring for the poor and vulnerable, Hagari walks alongside families in extreme poverty, especially those who are vulnerable to Survival Sex Work. We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty by focusing on education, health, discipleship and financial empowerment.



an Ikinyarwanda word that is used to describe someone who has been elevated to a point of being self-reliant, capable, empowered, even willing and able to help others on their journey.

Our vision is to help the families we work with achieve Kwigira, and interrupt the cycle of poverty with the cycle of empowerment!

Hagari Values

Integrity: what we value is more important than personal gain.

Unity: work as one towards one purpose.

Generosity: give of ourselves to fulfill the mission.

Compassion: observe, listen, understand and act.

Excellence: never be satisfied with good enough. 

Responsibility: do our best not to let anyone or anything fall through the cracks. 

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Student Partnership

How it Works

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Getting an education is an unachievable dream for many children living in poverty. We believe that all children deserve a chance to learn and thrive. Hagari works in partnership with donors, students, and their families in order to help a child’s educational dreams become a reality.

In an effort to walk with families toward KWIGIRA (self-reliant, capable, empowered), we do things a bit differently. All parents want to see their child’s educational dreams come true, but some need a little help along the way. That is where you come in!

Our student partnership program supplements a child’s education. We partner with families who are in the lowest income categories in Kigali and who are vulnerable to engaging in Survival Sex Work in order to provide the basics for their family.  

We partner with donors and families to offer the opportunity to attend local, private Christian primary schools, where the quality of education and care is higher than what many are able to afford on their own. For only $75 a month, a student is provided with school fees, uniforms, materials, health insurance for the entire family and lunch on school days. The family contributes the amount it would cost for their child to attend a government school, while your support enables them to receive much more!

The impact your partnership has on a family's future is immeasurable! Because of your investment in a child, not only are they able to attend better schools, have a daily meal and get health insurance, but your partner child is also supported by a team of Hagari staff, who passionately pursue solutions to serve his/her entire family. Hagari knows that education goes far beyond the classroom, and we work hand-in-hand with families to address issues of mental and physical health, support the child’s literacy and numeracy, and work with the family towards financial empowerment, all the while pointing the family to a loving God, their Creator.