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Family of Hagari

Becoming a Model Family

“Fabrice’s family is a great example of cooperation; the parents work together as a team,” says Ms. Doreen, the support worker for the Hagari Rwanda family. This demonstrates the strong bond between the family and their support worker, setting them on the path to becoming a role model household within Hagari Rwanda.

In this four-person household, the eldest child, Uwase Manzi Fabrice, receives support from Hagari Rwanda. Fabrice’s family shows the power of unity in overcoming the daily challenges of life in Kigali. Mr. Niyonzima, the head of the household, transports goods and people by bicycle, while his wife, Charlotte Nyiranshuti, works as a janitor at a home and a pharmacy.

Mama Fabrice shares, “We may not have a lavish life, but at least we are able to have the basics.” Following the advice of Ms. Doreen, Mama Fabrice started saving 5000 Rwandan francs ($3.75) per month to ensure she has funds to cover tuition for her youngest son, Pacifique Niyibokora, since he is not supported by Hagari Rwanda. Currently, Pacifique is in school, which has given his mother a chance to focus on making ends meet while her children are away at school. The household is now bustling with activity, with both Pacifique and Fabrice attending school.

It’s heartwarming to know that Fabrice, who is a Nursery three student at Inzozi Academy—a school founded and funded by Hagari Rwanda—provides tutorial lessons to his younger brother, Pacifique. This bond between the brothers demonstrates the positive effects of educational opportunities and community support.

Hagari Rwanda’s support goes beyond financial aid; it fosters a sense of purpose and direction within the family. The collaboration between Hagari Rwanda and Fabrice’s family demonstrates the significant impact of community and support systems in promoting resilience and growth. Mama Fabrice’s saving habit, inspired by Ms. Doreen, has not only secured Pacifique’s education but also encouraged financial discipline within the family. This positive change is evidence of the beneficial influence of Hagari Rwanda’s programs, showing how targeted advice and support can lead to sustainable improvements in the lives of beneficiaries.

As Fabrice continues to excel at Inzozi Academy, he not only paves the way for his own future but also sets a remarkable example for his sibling. The family’s journey from a survival state showcases the transformative power of unity, education, and dedicated support. Through the joint efforts of Hagari Rwanda and the unwavering commitment of the family, they have overcome significant challenges, setting a foundation for a brighter future. The family hopes to build their own house on their plot of land once they save enough funds for construction, which would ease the burden of paying rent.

Family of Hagari

Overcoming Addiction & Rebuilding a Family

Alcohol has always been my source of solace in the face of rejection. In alcohol, I found the elusive peace and attention I craved. It eased the pain of my life,” says Mama Ketia, a beneficiary of Hagari Rwanda.

Life has always been challenging for Mama Ketia, a mother of five. She used to rely on alcohol for solace, which left her feeling ashamed in front of her children. Her drinking habit led to injuries and erratic behavior, causing hardship for her children. Her case worker, Ms. Claudine, took a non-judgmental approach and offered continuous support, helping Mama Ketia find the strength to confront her struggles. Thanks to Ms. Claudine’s support and encouragement, Mama Ketia has achieved sobriety, aiming to mend her relationship with her children and the community.

She no longer has the desire to trade off household items for a few francs to buy her daily drink, and now she is able to save a franc, which will go towards covering her family’s basics. Mama Ketia’s story is one of transformation and hope. Through the relentless support and care from Hagari Rwanda, particularly from Ms. Claudine, Mama Ketia has found a new path. She now stands as a testament to the power of compassion, patience, and unwavering support in overcoming addiction. Her children, once burdened with the fear and instability brought on by her drinking, now see a mother who is present and responsible – a loving mother who is an active participant in their nurturing.

This journey has not only transformed Mama Ketia’s life but has also brought stability and happiness to her children, replacing embarrassment and fear with security and care. The Family Support team is now delighted with the fact that it is easy to get hold of Mama Ketia, as she is able to keep ahold of a mobile phone without trading it off for a few francs to buy her drink.

Student Story

Getting to The Bottom of Educational Challenges

Sammy’s journey is a tale of relentless understanding and support. Not long ago, Sammy was seen as too babyish for his age, struggling with anger issues and health problems that kept him away from school. He was hesitant and resistant to learning opportunities, often tardy, and lagging behind his peers academically.

Recognizing the need for intervention, Sammy’s teachers at Inzozi Academy, a Hagari Rwanda founded and funded school, took action. They collaborated with Sammy’s mother and discovered that many of his challenges stemmed from her parenting style. Conversations with Sammy’s mother focused on treating him as a capable individual. His mother, influenced by medical reports, exaggerated his condition and treated him as a weakling, assisting him in tasks he could manage on his own. Over time, and through conversations with Inzozi teachers, Sammy’s mother shifted her perspective. This change instilled confidence in Sammy, empowering him to approach his education with renewed determination.

The impact of these interventions has been profound. Free from the burden of anger and insecurity, Sammy has become a calm and expressive individual. His newfound confidence has led to significant academic improvement, with his grades showing a remarkable upturn.

The most significant change, however, has been in Sammy’s health. His mother has noticed his increased energy and activity levels, transforming him from a sickly child to a vibrant and active learner. Teacher Cynthia, who witnessed his struggles firsthand, marvels at his progress, saying, “Sammy has evolved into a promising learner and an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.” Sammy’s resilience and determination serve as an example for others navigating their own obstacles.

Sammy’s story illustrates the power of compassion and understanding. By recognizing his challenges and providing the necessary support, Sammy has overcome his obstacles and is steadily unlocking his full potential.

Student Story

With a Little Help from My Friends

Nyiranvuyekure Francine, whose name means “I am from far” in Kinyarwanda, embodies resilience and determination. As a widow and mother of four, she has faced many challenges, including the devastating loss of her husband two years ago. Despite this, Francine has persevered.

Her son Jeovanie has benefited from Hagari Rwanda’s student partnership program for nearly a year, providing much-needed stability and educational opportunities. However, the loss of her husband deeply affected Jeovanie’s elder brother, who experienced nightmares and would often wander out of the house at 3:00 AM, causing Francine immense worry.

Hagari Rwanda’s support extends beyond education to emotional and spiritual care. Francine participates in weekly training sessions at Hagari Rwanda, including Bible study and discipleship. During one session, she shared her son’s struggles, prompting the community to pray intensely. Gradually, her son found relief, though continued prayers are needed.

With immense relief and gratitude, Francine confided in Mrs. Fridah, the Hagari Rwanda Family Development Team leader, about the impact of the weekly trainings and visits from her family support team member. These interventions have been instrumental in helping her cope with the emotional and spiritual burdens since her husband’s untimely death. This transformation alleviated Francine’s immediate fears and strengthened her faith and resolve.


The support and prayers from the Hagari Rwanda community brought peace to her household, allowing her to focus on rebuilding her life and nurturing her children. Francine’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of compassion and community support. Her journey from despair to hope, supported by Hagari Rwanda, highlights the importance of holistic care in transforming lives.

Nyiranvuyekure Francine has come far, and with ongoing support and prayers, she is forging a brighter future for herself and her children.

Student Story

Dancing to Preserve Tradition

Kevin, at the age of four, discovered that he possessed a unique talent that made him stand out from the crowd. Whenever he got a chance to dance at the Catholic Church in Remera at that time, he showed an incredible passion for Rwandan traditional dance and was clearly a gifted dancer.

He gets mesmerized by the rhythmic beats of traditional Rwandan music and the graceful movements of the dancers who perform during cultural feats. His eyes light up, and he feels his heart beating in sync with the drums as he watches these performances.

Kevin’s family, though not wealthy, recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue his passion, and Hagari Rwanda has chipped in along the way by bringing trainers during the school holidays to coach Kevin and other kids who are part of its educational sponsorship program.

As a devoted Rwandan traditional dance enthusiast, Kevin has spent countless hours perfecting his moves. He eagerly seizes every opportunity to showcase his talent at weddings and cultural events, captivating audiences with his energy and precision.

Despite facing challenges like the absence of a dance club and an academic-focused school environment, Kevin’s unwavering dedication to his roots and community shine through in every performance. He uses dance to tell stories of culture, history, and identity.

Kevin’s talent has not only left a lasting impact on those who watch him but also serves as a powerful advocate for preserving Rwandan culture and traditional dance. In his spare time, he shares his heritage by teaching dance to young children in his community.

His story serves as a reminder that talent, passion, dedication, and support from family and a support system such as Hagari help an individual rise above any circumstances and make a positive and meaningful impact no matter their age.

Student Story

Celebrating Educational Influencers

Just before the onset of the challenging Covid-19 pandemic, Hagari Rwanda stepped in to support Ganza’s family by aiding his education. Ganza, being an only child raised by a single mother with a disability, initially struggled with the overwhelming circumstances.

Over the years, Ganza has grown spiritually and emotionally, responding positively to the world around him. This transformation is credited to the bible study and holiday programs by Hagari Rwanda, along with the support of his teachers at Inzozi Academy. His journey from La Divine Primary School to Inzozi Academy exemplifies the transformative power of quality education and dedicated mentorship.

Despite achieving an average score of 84% at La Divine School in 2022/2023, Hagari Rwanda withdrew Ganza due to lacking competencies such as emotional balance and difficulty in reading simple sentences. His transfer to Inzozi Academy, though initially met with resistance, was deemed crucial for his academic and personal growth.

Solomon Mukama, Program Director at Hagari, expressed concern about Ganza’s lacking competencies despite good scores. The decision to repeat Primary One at Inzozi Academy was supported by the administration and teaching staff, considering it the best course of action. To address Ganza’s needs, dedicated teachers initiated counseling sessions, taking a holistic approach to his academic, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Ms. Esther, Ganza’s primary teacher at Inzozi Academy, played a crucial role in his progress. Collaboration with Ganza’s mother, facilitated by Hagari Rwanda’s family support team, also contributed significantly to his overall development. Ms. Esther highlighted positive changes in Ganza’s interaction with peers, fostering a more positive learning environment.

Ganza’s story underscores the importance of resilience, mentorship, quality education, and family involvement. It emphasizes the crucial role of dedicated teachers in shaping students’ futures. Through dedication, counseling, and collaboration, Ganza’s growth at Inzozi Academy serves as a beacon of hope for students facing challenges on their educational journey.

Student Story

A Journey of Resilience and Redemption

Yvonne’s journey has been marked by immense challenges, yet it offers lessons in resilience and the remarkable effect of support. Born into a dysfunctional family, Yvonne faced a series of hardships from a young age. The traumatic experiences she endured, including molestation and early motherhood at the tender age of 14, only intensified the difficulties she faced in her 31 years of life. Amidst the adversity, Yvonne sought refuge in her mother, only to be rejected and left homeless due to societal judgment and pressure from her stepfather, who refused to acknowledge responsibility for two children – Yvonne and her unborn child. Forced into the harsh reality of the streets, she turned to survival sex work to fend for herself and her newborn child.

The turning point in Yvonne’s life came with the intervention of Hagari Rwanda when her daughter Charlotte was three years old. The organization provided crucial support by covering educational expenses and offering assistance as needed. However, the absence of a solid supportive program made Yvonne vulnerable to relapses into her previous lifestyle, including leasing a brothel and running an unsuccessful bar business in Busanza, Kigali, Rwanda. Despite these setbacks, Hagari Rwanda remained steadfast in its support, recognizing the potential for positive change in Yvonne’s life. The organization’s Family Development Plan, coupled with essential training, has been instrumental in helping Yvonne rebuild her shattered life and family.

Even as challenges continue to knock at the door, Yvonne has made significant strides with the guidance of her dedicated caseworker, Ms. Claudine, and the consistent support from Hagari Rwanda. Through regular home visits and emotional support, Claudine has played a pivotal role in helping Yvonne mend relationships, particularly with her daughter Charlotte, who initially struggled and resented her mother’s former reckless lifestyle choices.

With an initial start-up capital of 20,000 Rwf ($17), Yvonne ventured into a vending business, selling food on the street, steering her away from her previous life on the streets and offering a source of daily income. Embracing Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior through Hagari Rwanda discipleship sessions, Yvonne has found solace in her faith, which has brought hope and stability to her life. Actively participating in her church, she has become a regular member, further contributing to her personal growth. To supplement her income, Yvonne engages in casual labor, such as offering laundry services, showcasing her determination to meet her needs independently.

Yvonne’s life is gradually changing, exemplifying the resilience of the human spirit and the power of support in overcoming even the most challenging of circumstances.

Student Story

Turning Rebellion into Leadership

Uwase Deborah, once known for her outspokenness and mischievous nature, is now making a remarkable impact both at home and among her peers at school. Despite coming from a patriarchal society that often frowns upon assertive women, Deborah has always stood out among her peers.

A memorable incident, recounted by Mr. Simon Waiswa, a member of the Hagari Rwanda education program, illustrates Deborah’s rebellious spirit. When disciplined by her school, her father was called to sit with her in class for nearly a week. This extreme measure underscores the extent of Deborah’s defiance and the challenges she posed to authority figures.

However, with time and spiritual guidance from Hagari Rwanda’s weekly Bible studies, Deborah’s rebellious streak has turned into a source of strength. These sessions, mainly on Saturdays, equipped her to channel her energy constructively. Now, Deborah leads her peers in Bible study sessions, serving as a role model and mentor. Supported by her teacher, Deborah has embraced her identity confidently, understanding that her outspokenness is a strength, not a flaw.

Deborah’s transformation from defiance to leadership inspires those around her, showcasing the power of guidance and mentorship. By embracing her true self, she not only finds fulfillment but also becomes a beacon of hope for others. Set to be baptized in April 2024, this milestone marks a new chapter in Deborah’s life as a follower of Christ, reflecting her growth and commitment to making a positive impact.

Student Story

Adversity to Achievement

Godwin, a Primary One student at Inzozi Academy, was born into challenging circumstances. Her mother, only 18, struggled to care for her in a dysfunctional home. From the start, Godwin faced numerous obstacles, that could have easily derailed her education, including poor concentration, social skills, and hygiene.

However, her story is one of hope and transformation. At Inzozi Academy, teachers Ms. Esther and Ms. Ange recognized her potential and took a proactive approach. Understanding her grandmother’s role in her upbringing, they established strong communication with her family, ensuring she received support both at home and school.

Inside the classroom, Godwin was given extra time to complete activities and was encouraged to participate in group tasks, fostering social skills and teamwork. But perhaps most importantly, her teachers provided her with the emotional support through counseling and personalized attention and the encouragement she needed to believe in herself, helping her gain confidence and improve her hygiene.

Over time, Godwin’s transformation was remarkable. She became more attentive, eager to participate, and confident in her abilities. Now thriving, she keeps up with her classmates and serves as an inspiration, showing how education can break the cycle of poverty and adversity.

Student Story

When Moms Get Involved

Babu, a young boy in the Hagari Rwanda student partnership program, faced significant challenges at the start of his education. At La Divine Primary, he was known for his disruptive behavior and poor social skills, struggling with reading, writing, and spoken English. His future
seemed uncertain, causing concern for his family and Hagari Rwanda staff.

At home, Babu’s behavior was similarly problematic, making it difficult for his mother to manage. After much deliberation, Hagari Rwanda transferred him to Inzozi Academy, despite the risk of moving him from 3rd to 1st grade. This change was essential for providing the close monitoring and support he needed.

Teacher Esther, the lead Primary 1 teacher, and other staff recognized that Babu needed comprehensive support. Collaborating with Hagari Rwanda’s family support team, they devised an intervention plan addressing his academic and behavioral challenges. Understanding the importance of parental involvement, Teacher Esther and the team engaged Babu’s mother, providing her with strategies to manage his behavior at home. This consistent support created a nurturing environment for Babu.

The interventions yielded remarkable results. Babu’s grades improved with personalized attention and tailored learning strategies. His reading and writing skills significantly progressed, and his spoken English became commendable. Once struggling with basic literacy, Babu developed a love for reading, boosting his confidence. Beyond academics, Babu gained emotional intelligence, learning to manage his emotions and interact positively with peers. His improved manners made him a pleasant presence both at school and at home.

His mother proudly speaks of his progress: “He now speaks good English, and his manners are commendable. We have started to live amicably at home.”

Babu’s transformation demonstrates how targeted interventions and compassionate guidance can positively impact struggling children, setting them on a path to success and fulfillment. His journey at Inzozi Academy exemplifies the transformative power of education on both learners and their families.