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According to the World Food Programme Rwanda is “a small, landlocked country with a population of 12 million people growing at 2.4 percent annually, Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Since the 1994 genocide, the Government of Rwanda has recorded significant achievements in poverty reduction, gender equality, environmental sustainability, food production, education and public health, in line with the Millennium Development Goals.

However, 38.2 percent of the population continues to live below the poverty line and almost one fifth is food insecure. Levels of stunting among young children remain very high, at 35 percent.”

A survey among Hagari families in 2014 showed that 20% ate once every two to four days and they did not know where their next meal would come from. An additional 60% ate one meal a day, while only 20% of the families ate two meals or more a day. We know that hungry children cannot learn and thrive, so in order to support our student’s learning we determined it was important to provide breakfast and lunch. The cost of lunch is covered in the Student Partnership fees. However, we need to raise additional funds in order to feed the children breakfast as well.


Each school day we want to be able to provide a simple breakfast to all of the children in Preschool and Primary School (most students in Secondary School are in boarding schools, so their breakfast is provided as a part of their boarding fees). The cost to feed one child breakfast is roughly 30 cents a day. That is less than $7.00 a month. At the end of September when the new school year starts we hope to be able to feed 80 students breakfast each school day!

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