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As a ministry we are laser focused on the families we serve and their reaching kwigira (an Ikinyarwanda word that is used to describe someone who has been elevated to a point of being self-reliant, capable, empowered, even willing and able to help others on their journey). However, we realized that the ministry itself also needs to reach a state of kwigira. We want Hagari to impact communities for a long time to come. So we started looking at ways to make the ministry more sustainable.

For the first four to five years of our existence Hagari was based completely out of our director’s house. We even sometimes fed more than 100 children there. Since February of 2020, Hagari has been renting a small house to operate from. The challenge is two-fold. First, the space is very small and it greatly limits the activities that we can do with the families. Even our staff members have outgrown the space. Secondly, there is no financial upside to us renting a space that can barely accommodate even our most basic operational needs. We  believe this is not good stewardship.


We believe that a huge step towards kwigira for Hagari is for us to have our own place to operate from. We already own a small piece of land in Busanza, the community most of our families live in. On that land, we would like to build a duplex style house that can serve as our office space.

This would give us much more space for our growing staff, as well as accommodate several of the afterschool programs that we want to run. In addition it would increase our reach into the community because we would have the capacity to host small trainings, Bible studies and other events.

The budget for this project is $25,000. And the remarkable thing is that if we have the funding, the building could be ready for us to move in within two months!

So what do you say, would you like to be a part of this awesome opportunity to help Hagari become more sustainable and to increase their reach into the community??