KK 213 ST. Kigali Rwanda

PO Box 2847 Kigali Rwanda

We often talk about Kwigira as it relates to the families we work with, but what about Kwigira for the ministry itself?

As we look to the future of Hagari, our long term goal is to make the ministry sustainable. We want to have our own school, sports facilities and ministry center from which to operate and reach the community. For the previous 10 years, we have gone from operating out of the Director’s house, to operating at the facilities of another ministry, to now renting a small house. This not only limits the activities that we can engage the community in, but it also is not financially viable to continue renting.

Having land is the critical first step to the future and sustainability of Hagari.

In light of that, this Giving Tuesday we want to dream big and take steps toward being able to purchase a large piece of land!