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Student Story

Adversity to Achievement

Godwin, a Primary One student at Inzozi Academy, was born into challenging circumstances. Her mother, only 18, struggled to care for her in a dysfunctional home. From the start, Godwin faced numerous obstacles, that could have easily derailed her education, including poor concentration, social skills, and hygiene.

However, her story is one of hope and transformation. At Inzozi Academy, teachers Ms. Esther and Ms. Ange recognized her potential and took a proactive approach. Understanding her grandmother’s role in her upbringing, they established strong communication with her family, ensuring she received support both at home and school.

Inside the classroom, Godwin was given extra time to complete activities and was encouraged to participate in group tasks, fostering social skills and teamwork. But perhaps most importantly, her teachers provided her with the emotional support through counseling and personalized attention and the encouragement she needed to believe in herself, helping her gain confidence and improve her hygiene.

Over time, Godwin’s transformation was remarkable. She became more attentive, eager to participate, and confident in her abilities. Now thriving, she keeps up with her classmates and serves as an inspiration, showing how education can break the cycle of poverty and adversity.

Student Story

When Moms Get Involved

Babu, a young boy in the Hagari Rwanda student partnership program, faced significant challenges at the start of his education. At La Divine Primary, he was known for his disruptive behavior and poor social skills, struggling with reading, writing, and spoken English. His future
seemed uncertain, causing concern for his family and Hagari Rwanda staff.

At home, Babu’s behavior was similarly problematic, making it difficult for his mother to manage. After much deliberation, Hagari Rwanda transferred him to Inzozi Academy, despite the risk of moving him from 3rd to 1st grade. This change was essential for providing the close monitoring and support he needed.

Teacher Esther, the lead Primary 1 teacher, and other staff recognized that Babu needed comprehensive support. Collaborating with Hagari Rwanda’s family support team, they devised an intervention plan addressing his academic and behavioral challenges. Understanding the importance of parental involvement, Teacher Esther and the team engaged Babu’s mother, providing her with strategies to manage his behavior at home. This consistent support created a nurturing environment for Babu.

The interventions yielded remarkable results. Babu’s grades improved with personalized attention and tailored learning strategies. His reading and writing skills significantly progressed, and his spoken English became commendable. Once struggling with basic literacy, Babu developed a love for reading, boosting his confidence. Beyond academics, Babu gained emotional intelligence, learning to manage his emotions and interact positively with peers. His improved manners made him a pleasant presence both at school and at home.

His mother proudly speaks of his progress: “He now speaks good English, and his manners are commendable. We have started to live amicably at home.”

Babu’s transformation demonstrates how targeted interventions and compassionate guidance can positively impact struggling children, setting them on a path to success and fulfillment. His journey at Inzozi Academy exemplifies the transformative power of education on both learners and their families.