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PO Box 2847 Kigali Rwanda

Thank you!

Your prayers and support make the work of Hagari possible.


the year turned upside down by COVID-19 and the year you showed up in incredible ways!

21 Vocational Trainings

In the wake of COVID-19 high school students were out of school for 8 months. Your support enabled 21 students to get Vocational Training or Internships during that time.

69 Students Studied Online

Primary and Pre-schools were closed from March through the end of the year. Most schools in Rwanda and their students did not have the ability to study online due to a of lack of devices, internet and training. Because of the generous support we received, Hagari was able to run a mini online school for our students.

A TONNE of Food

Rwanda spent a couple of months in a hard lockdown, and even after reopening the economic effects lingered. We normally do not distribute food in the community, but we felt this season warranted it. Through your generosity we were able to give food to families who were out of work because of COVID-19. We gave 2,000 KGs of beans, 3,360KGs of maize flour, 3,360 KGs of rice, and a lot of soap! While giving out food we often heard comments like “Now I know that God has seen our suffering!”

63 Students Back at School

In November schools reopened for in-person classes for 4th grade and up. Hagari had 63 students who were very happy to be back at school. Your partnership and investment in those students made this possible.

Tennis Champions

In a more “normal” year, we would have many students participating in our tennis program. In 2020 we had to downsize and focus on helping a small group of kids improve their skills. Nine kids participated on a team and  competed in two local tournaments. We are proud of their improvement and their well deserved trophies!